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    If you haven’t eaten yet today, go fucking eat. If you haven’t hit a minimum of 2000 calories today, go fucking eat. If you haven’t drank any water today, go fucking fill a glass. If you haven’t had at least 8-10 cups today, fucking get there. Being physically nourished is crucial and needs to be done

    Amen to that.

    this was a good reminder

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    Lololol at people who think pole dancing doesn’t require skill

    I love how the girl in the back is like “oh hellll no I can’t do that”

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    Her eyebrows are iconic

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    140 kilos of cocaine found in Germany in boxes of Colombian bananas (source)


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    My first post to hit over 100,000 notes. You people are crazy.

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    Cannabis is basically an anti-depressant, anti-anxiety pill, sleeping aid and a personal therapist rolled together.
    And it fights cancer.

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